avielelloy asked: "NozoEri - MapleStory AU :D"


"Come on, Nozomi!" Eli called out to her party member and best friend as she used Brandish to defeat the Helmet Pepes.

Nozomi shot another Energy Bolt at the Helmet Pepes chasing after her and defeated them. Breathing out a sigh of relief, she checked Eli’s current state. The other girl was evidently still fired up to save Violetta. Nozomi smiled warmly at the sight of Eli fighting on. Being the righteous and helpful Fighter she was, the other girl could never turn down any quests. They had met in Maple Island and had been friends ever since, training and doing quests together. From their first meeting, Eli had sworn to become strong enough to defeat the Black Mage and protect those around her.

I’ll protect you too if you ever need it!

Eli had said that with such a sincere grin that Nozomi couldn’t help but feel slightly guilty. She simply replied by saying that she would always be there to support Eli.

If only that could be true, she reminded herself regretfully as she took out her Symbol of the Black Mage. Helmet Pepes cowered away from her upon noticing it.

"Geez, Nozomi, don’t leave me to do all the work! You may be a Cleric but you can fight too," Eli shouted from across the castle pavements, slightly further up ahead of her.

"Why, does the mighty Elichi need some healing?" Nozomi teased as she got closer to her and healed the Fighter, relief evident in her expression.

I’ll cherish these moments for now. She’s still a long way off from facing me.

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"It’s locked! Nozomi, we can’t get out. What are we going to do? We’ll get caught and be sent to detention," Eli prattled, shuttling back and forth between the door and the table where Nozomi patiently sat on, "I don’t want to go to the Forbidden Forest. We’re still on our second week this school term and I’d probably get killed. I still want to see Mom and Dad and Arisa. I’m the only witch in the family and what if—"

She was silenced by Nozomi’s lips on hers. She didn’t realize that her girlfriend had moved towards her because of her state of panic. She felt herself relax and limply leaned against Nozomi.

"You quickly ran off even though it was only Mrs. Norris. Besides, we’re Prefects. It wouldn’t be weird for us to roam the corridors at night." Nozomi whispered in her ear.

"We belong to different houses."

"So? Can’t a Hufflepuff talk to someone from the Ravenclaw house?"

"You know what I mean."

Nozomi smirked at her. Despite her agitation, Eli couldn’t prevent the warmth that enveloped her body at her girlfriend’s silliness. She hugged Nozomi tightly.

Alohomora won’t work on the doors. Might as well just wait for morning to come and not do anything reckless. She thought, slowly closing her eyes. They were enveloped with a comfortable silence, both of them content in each other’s embrace

"We haven’t really been spending much of our alone time since we came back from school. Do you want to remedy that?" Eli turned her head to peer at Nozomi, eyebrows arched as if asking her what she’s planning to do.

"You know…I’ve been feeling kind of lonely…" Nozomi trailed off, tugging at Eli’s yellow tie. When it came loose, Nozomi proceeded to undo the first button of Eli’s sweater. The blonde’s eyes went wide, but she didn’t stop her girlfriend.

Needless to say, both of them never got out of the room that night. But neither of them really minded —or cared.


The three stooges, the voices of reason, and da baes.

seriouslydelusional asked: "NozoEli - Opposite sides of the hierarchy!AU (One of them could be the dorky/strict honor student and the other is the leader of the group of deliquents :3 bonus: They start with mutual hate for each other, but not really.)"


Nozomi united crowds wherever she went in school. Contrary to popular belief, the most popular students weren’t always mean and intimidating. Students would approach her, all in hopes of speaking to the queen of the school. Maybe by soaking in her presence, they would be influenced by her beauty and brains. The top student maintained a cordial attitude with everyone, warmly answering them and engaging in small chat with others. She wouldn’t consider any of them her friends, but she didn’t dislike anyone. Except that one girl.

Eli parted crowds wherever she went in school. Contrary to popular belief, the most notorious delinquents weren’t always good-for-nothings. Students all stuck to the walls whenever she walked past, hoping to stay away from trouble but also watching on in wonder. Despite who she was, the blonde troublemaker was known to be at the top of her grade. Many wondered how a potential top honour student turned out to be the infamous leader of the delinquents. Eli simply followed her own rules down to the tee. She ignored most students, only interacting with them when need be or if they threatened any of her few friends. She wouldn’t say she disliked anyone; she just didn’t want to associate with anyone else. Except that one girl.

The two opposing forces of power in the school met in the school hallway and it was instantly transformed into a battlefield. The two regarded each other in contempt, breaking the usual impassive face Eli had and the warm smile Nozomi always wore. The crowd spread, all wanting to stay away from the impending explosion when they clashed yet curious as to how things would go down. It was a known fact that the two had been at loggerheads since the start of their first school term. The air around them grew charged.

"Morning, Elichi," Nozomi smirked as she greeted.

An eyebrow twitched. People around them grew nervous. Nozomi had just pushed the first button.

Thankfully, the morning bell rung, signalling the start of classes. It cut through the thick tension and dispelled it. Students headed to their classes, all hoping not to be late. Nozomi brushed past Eli, not before Eli giving her a look that said the showdown was not over.

They were two opposite forces, both strong and bound to clash. But just like what everyone was taught in elementary school, opposites attract. 

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Eli stared in awe, captivated by the purple haired bard. The lute may as well have been made using her heart strings as she watched the musician perform for the sixth day in a row. The performance ended and the crowd roared with praise. Eli stood amongst them, clapping weakly not because she didn’t enjoy the performance but rather because she was incapable of much movement due to her enchanted state. The crowd slowly dispersed as the bard packed her instrument. She turned around and since Eli was still rooted, they shared eye contact. Eli was sure someone had squeezed both her heart and lungs because all the air left her body in that instant. The bard’s emerald eyes shone with amusement, silently teasing the blonde as she caught her staring.

"What are you doing, Eli! We’re going to be late for training!"

A blue haired girl pulled Eli aside, breaking the young warrior from her stupor. Upon hearing Umi’s words, she recalled her main purpose in passing by the town square. Together, they sped towards the training grounds. Eli chanced a glance back, only to see shining emerald eyes still staring back at her, an amused grin on her face.

Caught once more.

Eli flushed and focused on the road ahead of her, catching up to her best friend. Tomorrow would be the seventh day Eli would watch the bard and maybe, it could be the first day they spoke.

avielelloy asked: "NozoEri - dystopian setting AU"


Hushed whispers could be heard reverberating around the room, followed by a suffocating silence. After a minute, scrapings of a wood and a muffled cry bounced off the walls.

"I cant. You know that I can’t do what I promised. I just can’t. Please don’t make this hard for me."

You have to make an example. No exceptions. Don’t be stubborn Elichi. Do this for the people who believe in you. Do this for me.

Banging and wailing could be heard from the next room. The girls looked at the door, panic rising in their chest; They knew that they’re running out of time. Eli tightened her grip on Nozomi, silently telling her that she wouldn’t let go. She couldn’t let go. 

Please. I’ve been bitten, and you know the rules.”

Eli leaned forward, whispering the thing she wanted to say for the longest time.

"I love you."

Nozomi pulled her into a passionate kiss, savoring the taste of Eli’s lips for the first and last time. It tasted sweet and salty, probably because of the tears that were running down their faces.

"I love you, too…do it now. I’m ready."

Even from a distance, two gunshots could be heard echoing around the vicinity, but a blonde figure was never seen exiting the room.


Nozomi x Eli
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School Idol Festival cameos: Marine Day (third Monday of July)

Honoka: Apparently, it’s Umi-chan’s day today! We’re planning to have a sleepover. I’m looking forward to it~ ♪

Kotori: Ehehe, today is Umi-chan’s day~ I made pajamas that would suit Umi-chan. ♪

Umi: It’s “Marine Day” and not “Umi’s Day”…but it seems as if people are cheering me on so I’m having fun.

note: Marine (海) is read as umi.